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JingHua Technology has been a leading PCB manufacturer for 14 years. We provide one-stop PCB services, including PCB manufacturing, PCB prototyping, PCB assembly, component sourcing, IC programming, and PCB testing. We also offer expert design consultation to optimize PCB layouts, satisfying more customers’ requirements.

  Professional PCB supplier Jinhua boasts 5,0000 square meters of factories, producing 150,000 square meters of PCB per month. Compared with other printed circuit board companies, we can deliver OEM/ODM PCB & PCBA as fast as 24 hours. With EMS delivery services, we help you to reduce your costs and speed up your delivery time. Before shipping, we will strictly test our PCB product to ensure good performance. Top PCB manufacturer Jinhua always adheres to the business values of “best products, best services, and reasonable prices.”

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One-Stop PCB Service for Supply

JingHua is a one-stop PCB manufacturer, from purchasing materials to delivering the final PCB. We follow international standards like ISO 9001, IPC, and UL. Additionally, JingHua procures PCB raw materials from trusted IC producers.

Large PCB manufacturers Jinhua can supply different types of PCB products, like single-sided PCB, double-sided PCB, multilayer PCB, high-frequency PCB, metal-based PCB, HDI prototypes, and rigid-flex PCBs. We can manufacture high-quality printed wiring boards, with a monthly production capacity of 40,000 square meters. With high-quality printed circuit boards, Jinhua is recognized by many international companies, such as DEKANG, EDAN, GREE, and HUAWEI.

Acting as a leading PCB manufacturer in China, Jinhua is equipped with 4 SMT production lines, 4 DIP plug-in lines, and 4 finished product assembly lines, which can produce 8 million PCBA boards per year. PCB board company Jinhua provides quick-turn PCB assembly services, including SMT assembly, BGA assembly, through-hole assembly, mixed assembly, and rigid-flex PCB assembly. These PCB assembling services can cater to the customer’s specific requirements.

Printed circuit board supplier Jinghua provides reliable PCB parts from well-known manufacturers and distributors, such as Digi-Key Electronics, Mouser Electronics, and Farnell Elements 14. As the best PCB company, we have a warehouse system, procurement system, and professional team, helping 5000 customers purchase PCB parts yearly. We source PCB components(ICs, Connectors, cables, accessories) at competitive prices and offer a professional inspection service to ensure quality.

PCB Manufacturing Certification

As a premium PCB assembly manufacturer, JingHua has been awarded several certifications from well-known organizations, including German DQS, such as UL safety certification, IATF16949, ISO14001, and ISO9001-2000.

Why Choose PCB Manufacturers JinHua

14 Years Experience

Jinhua is a printed circuit board manufacturing leader, with rich experience in OEM/ODM PCB & PCBA services. In 14 years, we have successfully handled large orders, and manufactured many precise PCB products in a shorter delivery time. We fully meet the specific needs of customers from various industries.

Professional Team

Professional Jinhua team is composed of engineers and technical experts with 14 years of experience. Featuring expertise, high efficiency, and a good attitude, we have served many customers from Europe, America, Asia, and China. We support the comprehensive PCB service, including initial concept & design, assembly, and after-sale services.


Quality Control

PCB manufacturer Jinhua has a strict QC system, such as AOI, X-Ray, and SPI inspection, which plays a critical role in PCB services. We rigorously manufacture and test our PCB product & PCBA to ensure that each PCB performs well in high-tech fields, such as telecommunications, medical, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Advanced Technology

With growing investment in the R&D center, top PCB supplier Jinhua has developed PCB technology to explore new materials & manufacturing processes. By utilizing state-of-the-art CAD software, our PCB design is capable of high efficiency and accuracy. We also employ automated manufacturing equipment, such as GKG-GSE printing machines, SPI testing equipment, reflow soldering, AOI equipment, and wave soldering, which can ensure the highest standards for PCB.


Jinhua PCB Partners

JingHua has purchased PCB components and PCB materials from many reliable and well-known original IC Producers, including NXP ATMEl TI or Arrow Electronics, Avnet, Farnell, Future Electronics, Chip1stop, WPG, Digi-key, and Mouser.

PCB Supply Service F & Q

1. Quick response to customers’ questions
2. If anything goes wrong with the printed circuit boards, we will help to solve the problems.
3. We also support PCB parts replacement for free & 0 shipping costs, making you feel at ease in cooperating with our PCB manufacturing company.

Jinhua has high standards and detailed reports for each part of the inspection and strictly chooses reliable PCB material suppliers.
Three main parts to control PC board quality as bellow:
1. IQC-incoming inspection for PCB materials
2. IPQC-process inspection
3. FQC-finished products inspection

We usually deliver the PCB product in 10-20 days, including 7-15 days for purchasing materials and 3-5 days for PCB assembly.

Yes. Our PCB manufacturing factory covers an area of 50000 square meters, equipped with 4 SMT production lines, 4 DIP plug-in lines, and 4 finished product assembly lines, with a monthly production of 150,000 square meters. It is on the 3rd floor, Building A, Zedali Industrial Park, No. 26, Jian’an Road, Tangwei Community, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. We welcome you to visit at any time.

Your files will be kept safe. Client-owned files will not be shared with any third parties throughout the process.

There is no minimum order quantity requirement. PCB board company Jinhua can provide PCB services from quick-turn prototypes to mass PCB production.

As a leading PCB manufacturer, Jinhua provides one-stop PCB services, including PCB manufacturing, component procurement, SMT patching, plug-ins, post-soldering processing, housing manufacturing, final assembly, testing, and other value-added services to support our customers’ needs.

PCB manufacturing company JinHua provides a wide range of printed circuit boards and one-stop PCB assembly services, which are widely applied in high-tech fields, such as computers, electronics, automobiles, medical instruments, optics, automobiles, telecommunications, industrial control, security electronics, power supply, LED, aerospace, etc.

One Stop PCB Service

Delivering Quick Turn PCB, PCBA and Components

Service Advantage :
JingHua Tech is a professional one-stop PCB supplier. Our services range from PCB customization, material procurement, PCB production, patch processing, DIP plug-in, and delivery.


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