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PCB Design Examples

BMS(battery management system)AutomotiveMedical Equipment
Power StorageIndustrialCommunication


Ability in PCB Design

Our low-budget and quick-turn PCB prototype fabrication service allows you to explore different design possibilities. We focus on efficiency and quality: Large factories, automatic equipment, and professional engineers support your project; 24-hour sales and manufacturing speed up your PCB marketing; Fast delivery ensures that your orders are shipped on time.

  • Over 13 Years of keyboard PCB manufacturing and design
  • No minimum order quality of keyboard PCB order
  • One-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly
  • 100% AOI, X-Ray, ICT Function Test
  • 24 Hours quick-turn prototype PCB fabrication and assembly
  • Certificated by ISO9001, UR, ISO14000, ITAF16949, RoHS
  • <0.2% defect rate of PCB products
  • 7/24 Support and Production
  • Professional engineer team to analyze Gerber before production


PCB Board Design in JinHua

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design is important for electronic products, influencing the operation, function and efficiency of devices. Jinhua is a professional PCB and PCBA manufacturing company. We provide customers with high-quality PCB design services in various fields, such as AI, medical equipment, communications, industrial, consumer electronics, automobile, and power storage. Our engineering teams will help you to design the best PCB boards in any field.

Our Advantages:

1. Professional Design Team
Our PCB design team consists of 60 engineers who have much experience in PCB design and layout. They get a good command of design software to custom your PCB Boards. Through our team’s hard effort, your PCB design will satisfy your requirements.

2. One-Stop PCB Design Service
We offer one-stop PCB design & custom services, from design concept to final PCB product. This process includes creating circuit diagrams, drawing schematic designs, component layouts, and functional testing.

3. Rapid Delivery
Our powerful manufacturing equipment and design ability ensure the fast turn PCB custom. Once completing the PCB design, we can directly speed up PCB production in our factory. After AOI functional testing, your PCB product will be shipped with the best delivery DHL/UPS/FedEx.

Custom PCB Service Requirement
Our PCB design & layout service delivers quick and efficient solutions for your needs.

– Software: Ad, Pro-e, Cam350, Kicad (facilitating the design and simulation of printed circuit board)
– Design Basis: Design instruction, Design rule, customer requirements
– Design Support: PCB design source files, Gerber files, Centroid files, Designator diagrams

Just send your files of PCB design & layout in the quote.

1. Schematics (DSN and SCH suffixes )
2. DXF structure drawing (2D drawing in AutoCAD format, used to position the device and build board size)
3. The component specification (the specification must be with the device size diagram for the establishment and physical one-to-one corresponding package)
4. Special requirements

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