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Heavy Copper PCB Service

Quantity (pieces)1-100101 – 300301 – 500>500
Lead time (days)3510Negotiation

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Supply Ability60000 Piece/Month
Layer1-20 Layers
Base MaterialFR-4
Board Thickness1.6mm/Custom
Board Size250*1500mm/Custom
Copper Thickness1-13 OZ
Min. Hole Size0.2mm
Min. Line Width3mil
Min. Line Spacing3mil
Surface FinishingHASL/OSP/Immersion Gold/HAL/LF
MaterialFR4 /aluminum/ceramic CEM1
Testing Service100% AOI Testing
ShippingDHL UPS TNT Fedex DHL
Packaging DetailsBubble package, EPE package, ESD Bag, Vacuum Bag
PortShenzhen, China

What is Thick Copper PCB?

Thick Copper PCB(Printed Circuit Board) boasts good conductivity and heat dissipation features, with copper thicknesses from 105 to 400 µm. As power requirements increase, the heavy copper PCBs are expected to transmit signals across the board. They are very suitable for power electronics, audio systems and renewable energy systems, allowing for high current handling and thermal management.

What are Benefits of Thick Copper PCB?

  • Excellent Conductivity

The thick copper PCB boards increase electrical conductivity, allowing for higher current handling and better signal transmission. They help to connect various boards together to transmit currents. By enhancing the copper trace width, the thick copper PCBs can carry more capacity and handle higher current levels.

  • High Temperature Management

Thick copper layers can overcome thermal cycles during electronics design, manufacturing and assembly. Due to superior thermal conductivity, these copper foil thickness PCBs are ideal for high-power electronic devices and systems.

  • Durability

The PCBs with thick copper layers enhance the mechanical strength and durability of connectors and plated-through holes. They are more resistant to environmental stress, vibrations, and mechanical shocks, ensuring the board’s structural integrity and smooth electrical system.

  • High Power Applications

Due to its high current handling, thick copper PCBs are designed for high-power applications, such as power supplies, amplifiers, and industrial equipment.

Thick Copper PCB Solution

Thick copper PCBs offer innovative and reliable solutions for high-power applications, such as amplifiers, audio systems, industrial equipment, and renewable energy systems. In the future, Thick copper printed circuit boards will make a significant impact on various industries.

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