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The PCB manufacturing industry is presenting a huge opportunity that allows you to use artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify production processes and improve production results in unprecedented ways. However, if you want to successfully implement AI in the PCB field, you must have rich and profound expertise in PCB manufacturing and basic AI knowledge. This is where Jinhua Technology’s advantage lies.

Uav & Drone

The hardware structure of the UAV flight controller is finally combined by software + hardware. The software is what we call the programming and control system software platform. The hardware is designed through the principle, PCB design, and then the required electronic components and integrated circuits are assembled into a finished product through the PCB.


One of the main application scenarios of pcb is the communication industry, almost all communication products need to use pcb. With the continuous progress of 5G technology, the proportion of pcb in this industry will become larger and larger.


Aerospace PCB manufacturing requires the use of materials that can withstand high levels of vibration, extreme temperatures and other harsh conditions. Some aerospace PCBs even need to be able to operate in outer space and must be very durable. Boards made from lightweight materials such as aluminum can also be used in aerospace. Anodized aluminum can be used to increase oxidation resistance.


Recent innovations in the industrial sector highly utilize time-critical printed circuit boards to launch perfect electronic solutions. Industrial PCBs are used in control, mobile devices, indicators, lighting sectors and test systems. All major demand sections are focused on rigid/flexible PCBs and flexible PCBs that can be well adapted to new discoveries.


Automakers are using more and more electronic components in their vehicles. Previously, PCBs were only used for things like windshield wipers and headlight switches, but today they have many advanced features that make driving safer and easier.

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