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Rigid-flex PCB Service

Quantity (pieces)1-100101 – 300301 – 500> 500
Lead time (days)357Negotiation

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Supply Ability50000 Piece/Month
Layer1-12 Layers
Base MaterialFR4+PI
Board Thickness1.6mm/Custom
Board Size250*1500mm/Custom
Copper Thickness1 OZ
Min. Hole Size0.15mm
Min. Line Width3mil
Min. Line Spacing3mil
Surface FinishingENIG
Testing Service100% AOI Testing
Assembly ServiceSMD/SMT/DIP
ApplicationFPC Connectors/Consumer Electronics/Telecommunications Electronics/Industrial Electronics
ShippingDHL UPS TNT Fedex DHL
Packaging DetailsBubble package, EPE package, ESD Bag, Vacuum Bag
PortShenzhen, China

What is Rigid-flex PCB?

Rigid-flex printed circuit board is a great combination of flexible PCB and rigid PCB, providing versatility and stability. The rigid-flex PCB has these unique features, allowing it for a wider application in electronic design and fabrication, such as wearable devices, automotive systems, medical equipment, IoT field, and telecommunication. Rigid-flex PCBs are expected to play an important part in growing high-tech products, showing their unique advantages in design, materials, and manufacturing processes.

What are Benefits of Flexible PCB?

  • Flexibility & Stability

Flex-rigid PCBs integrate both flexible and rigid characteristics in a single board, encouraging innovative electronic device design. The flexible sections of flex-rigid PCBs allow for compact designs with size constraints while rigid sections support more robust components. The flex-rigid PCBs will immensely promote more creative design.

  • Less Space

These rigid-flex boards contribute to space efficiency, ideal for compact electronic assemblies. Their integration of flexible and rigid elements empowers three-dimensional layouts, reducing component waste and manufacturing costs. By enhancing production and design efficiency, flex-rigid PCBs boost sustainable and eco-friendly development.

  • Reliability

Flex-rigid printed circuit boards reduce interconnects and solder joints, which enhances signal integrity and reliability, making them suitable for critical applications.

  • Weight Reduction

Rigid-flex PCBs minimize the overall weight of electronics, which enables small and lightweight devices to add more function. Rigid-flex PCBs are ideal for aerospace and portable consumer electronics, supporting their good performance and reliable quality.

Rigid-flex PCB Solution

With their excellent flexibility, rigidity and versatility, flex-rigid PCBs make them ideal for electronic design and various delicate applications, such as smartphones, medical devices, cameras, aerospace, automotive systems, and consumer electronics. With the growing electronics market, rigid-flex printed circuit boards are expected to rise.

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