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Keyboard PCB Service

Quantity (pieces)1-1011 – 10001001 – 3000> 3000
Lead time (days)31014Negotiation

Your Reliable Keyboard PCB Supplier in China

Jinhua is a professional keyboard PCB manufacturer in China. We provide not only various shapes and sizes of keyboard PCB, but also good services. We have the technical expertise to customize your PCB and achieve the perfect keyboard.

  • Over 13 Years of keyboard PCB manufacturing and design
  • No minimum order quality of keyboard PCB order
  • Certificate by RoSH, ISO14001, IATF 16949, ISO 9001
  • 100% AOI, X-Ray, ICT Function Test
  • 7/24 Engineering Service and Production
  • 24H quickest lead time
  • 100% On-time shipping with the best delivery from DHL/UPS/FedEx


Supply Ability3000 Piece/Month
Copper Thickness1 OZ
Testing ServiceAOI/X-Ray/ICT Function Test
Base MaterialFR4
PCBA serviceSMD/SMT/DIP/Component Assembly/Turnkey PCBA Service
ShippingDHL UPS TNT Fedex DHL
Packaging DetailsBubble Package, EPE Package, ESD Bag,Vacuum Bag
PortShenzhen, China

What is Keyboard PCB?

Do you always use a keyboard to type words? The keyboard is seen and used anywhere you are familiar with. And the keyboard PCB is regarded as the bridge between you and the digital words. As keyboard PCB features unique layouts and switch configurations, they are widely used in gaming keypads, ergonomic keyboards, and input devices, satisfying different users’ preferences. With cutting-edge technology, the keyboard PCB continues to become an interactive interface.

What are Features of Keyboard PCB?

  • Unique Layout

Keyboard PCB boards are set in a matrix configuration, arranged in a grid. With this special layout, the PCB boards easily catch the keypresses and promote the scanning process, perfect for keyboard applications. The most common layouts of PCB are 60%, 65%, 75%, TKL, and 100% keyboards. All of these layouts result in different sizes and different keys.

  • Switch Compatibility

From mechanical switches to membrane switches, Keyboard PCBs accommodate a variety of switch types, ranging from mechanical switches known for tactile feedback to membrane switches providing a softer keystroke. The PCB layout must align with the chosen switch technology.

  • Key Rollover

With key rollover ability, the computer keyboard PCB can handle simultaneous keystrokes well. Some advanced keyboard PCB boards are equipped with N-Key Rollover, which can correctly detect multiple keypresses at the same time without losing input.

  • Backlighting and RGB Integration

Playing games with a cool backlighting keyboard is more and more popular among youth. Today a variety of modern keyboard PCBs support backlighting features. They allow people to customize their favorite RGB lighting effects, creating dynamic and unique lighting.

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